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Welcome to Driscoll’s Antiques. We specialize in high quality British antique furniture and unique antique collectables which we clean and restore using traditional methods of restoration. We are a small family business which has been established over 25 years. Our blog includes the history, design and facts about antique furniture.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture comes in several categories named after the periods they were made by the cabinet makers. To be classed as a real piece of antique furniture it has to have been made over 100 years ago.

If you are looking to buy a good early piece with lots of charm and history then Georgian Furniture is the period for you. Georgian furniture can be found in oak, walnut and mahogany and can date from very early examples from 1714 to around ca. 1800 when George the third was on the throne.

Next came the period of Regency Furniture when the Prince of Wales became king. This is when fine features appeared on simple designs but this led to some of the most beautiful examples that you can see on the antiques market today. With fine inlay and elegant carvings it can be a good period to collect.

After came William IV furniture and this was similar to the regency era but with some animal influences coming into vogue like lion paw and hoof carved feet or foliage carved corbels.

Victorian furniture is from queen Victoria’s era and it was a long rain so lots of furniture was produced. Some pieces had revivals from Chippendale to Hepplewhite and some were simpler in style, but very useful pieces and had rounded corners with highly French polished surfaces for the grand houses being built for the large growing middleclass. During this period Arts and Crafts furniture was invented by skilled cabinet makers using only quality woods, hand built and simple but quality in design.

Next on the throne was King Edward and this era produced Edwardian furniture with so many mixed designs copied from old and new but enjoyed the inlays, fine fittings, wonderful woods and influences from abroad like Art Nouveau from France.

Some of the finest pieces were antique mahogany furniture which was used by master craftsmen throughout the generations due to its quality and durability. From fine simple in grain to very figured it can be a beautiful timber to add to your home.

Antique Oak Furniture has been used for many 100′s of years from the early Tudor times to Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods. This can be seen in coffers, chest of drawers, tables and chairs and can be very suitable for the fine country residence.

A good timber used in the arts and crafts era due to its very good qualities is Walnut as it is very durable and can be polished to a light golden shade to a dark rich shade. Very good quality Victorian pieces are antique constructed using burr walnut, which is very figured and very detailed. The regency era loved the use of very striking timber like Rosewood. This was a very expensive wood and so was only used on the best quality pieces of furniture. It was one of the first choices of the cabinet maker if he wanted to make a piece to stand out from the more simple grained woods.

With all this choice Driscolls Antiques tries to offer the finest selection for you to choose from all periods and from all woods. We only deal in quality and offer a large selection of antique furniture for you to choose from.