Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture – How Antique Furniture Can Elevate Your Home Or Workspace?

Are you interested in purchasing antique furniture to adorn your living room? Perhaps you want something unique for your workspace?

There are numerous reasons why you might consider buying such a piece of furniture and just as many different views on collecting and owning these items.

Many are concerned over the cost of purchasing antiques some of which can cost a staggering amount of money. However, that is not always the case and price must always be weighed against quality.

And, there are plenty of other reasons, aside from quality, for you to consider purchasing antiques and even become antique collectors.

Such items have a timeless quality, meaning that they never go out of style. Also, as long as they are cared for correctly they will not lose value. All of which means that you have an investment that has character and a story to tell.

The growing number of offline and online stores selling these pieces means that finding the right item to suit your budget and taste isn’t difficult.

But remember, if you’re going to be spending money, it is necessary to also spend time researching these items before making the purchase. This is one of the reasons why it is important to choose a store that provides high quality descriptions for each item that they are selling.

Everything You Need To Know About Antique Furniture

Driscolls Antiques Ltd

Driscolls Antiques Ltd

Driscolls Antiques Ltd, understands that the word “antiques” invokes different images for different people.

From antique furniture to jewellery, antiques are a world that provides people with a wide range of choice to suit their interests, and which can offer intrigue and satisfaction for the right person.

Antiques can offer a sense of history, as well as quality craftsmanship and period style that’s not found in modern furniture; the world of antiques really can hold something for everyone

As one of the best-rated antique dealers in the United Kingdom, Driscolls Antiques Ltd specialises in dealing with fine English furniture for sale. This website offers interested customers a wide selection of authentic antiques online.

Aside from having a massive antique furniture online Clitheroe database, the company also has a large warehouse based in Clitheroe, Lancashire, Close to Preston, Manchester, Skipton, Leeds and Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

Established for over 30 years, Driscolls Antiques Ltd is a family business started by Keith Driscoll in Todmorden, Lancashire. James and Rebecca Driscoll are now running the business.

Initially a small antique shop and a house clearance business, it quickly grew when James Driscoll took over at the age of 17 after his father fell ill. James began trading online and the website’s success paved the way for them to move into a new 6500 square foot warehouse.

For over three decades, the family has worked to develop the best restoration techniques, based on traditional methods. These are now routinely used to clean and restore pieces back to their original finish and former beauty.

Today, Driscolls Antiques Ltd are LAPADA and CINOA members and welcomes enquiries from collectors, dealers or individuals who value top-quality furniture. With a wide selection of antiques displayed in their showroom and on their website, there is plenty for antique shoppers and dealers to browse through.

If you purchase antiques from this company, it will save you countless hours searching through various antique shops. As well as time, you can save energy by browsing through your computer or mobile device while you’re relaxing on your couch.

Then you can let Driscolls Antiques Ltd take care of the rest by delivering your newly purchased furniture direct to your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out how much my antique furniture is worth?

One of the first things to do is examine the furniture in question and make a note of any obvious damage such as scratches, chips, cracks, dents, and more. Next find out the furniture’s composition and look for maker’s marks or labels on the piece.

Finally, take a set of clear and well-lit pictures of the furniture from all angles.

Where can I sell antique furniture?

For individuals looking for an online place where antique furnishings can be promoted and sold, eBay should be considered. It is one of the most popular platforms where sellers can promote and sell collectibles and antiques.

On the other hand, Craigslist can also yield results as it’s still a popular place to sell products. Third on the list is, which has been in existence for as long as the other websites such as Craigslist.

How do I know if my antiques are valuable?

Do you want to know if your antiques are valuable or not? RADAR is an acronym that indicates Rarity, Aesthetics, Desirability, Authenticity, and Really excellent condition. And if you find antiques that fit these five criteria, then you probably have a product that’s very likely to appreciate in value as the years pass by.

Is antique furniture still popular?

One trend that some people are hoping will make a comeback is the popularity of antiques. Loosely referred to as items that are 100 years old or older, antiques have seen gradual declining interest over the past couple of decades.

It’s noticeable that these furniture pieces are not nearly as popular as they were years ago.

What do the numbers mean on antique furniture?

The number on the furniture could stand for the maker, style or the patent given to the company. The numbers are often found on the back of the antique.

Some companies utilised less expensive solid wood on the back of a bureau, and they’ve placed labels there to not damage the finish.

How do I identify an antique chest of drawers?

If you take a look at the back portion of the chest of drawers as well as the insides of all the drawers, you will see a stamp or label. It contains the company’s name that made the drawer, and there are some cases where it also specifies the year or city of the manufacture.

If it’s a handmade piece, there can be some indication like the name or initials of the maker on the piece.

How do I identify an antique chair?

When evaluating the legs of the chair, check for the screws near the corner brackets. Chairs that are made with modern screws are considered as replicas or vintage. Craftsmen utilised older screws to build these chairs, although not until the 18th century.

And while looking for the screws, also examine the wood material to check if it conforms to the antique seat’s style.

What are the different types of desks?

An article shared by Productive or Not, discusses different types of desks. There are antique desks, computer and wooden desks, writing and work desks, as well as credenza desks.

Where can I find cheap vintage furniture?

For people looking for tips on where they can find good but cheap used furniture, ToughNickel is the place to look. One place that most people consider when they are searching for used furniture is a local thrift store.

Other places one might consider visiting include, estate and yard sales, swap meets or flea markets and Craigslist or the Facebook Marketplace. Classified ads are also a good place to search for that perfect piece of furniture you want for your home or office.

Where do you sell antiques?

There are several places that are suitable for selling antiques, such as pawn shops and specialty dealers. Specialty dealers are a good choice for high-value items such as vases or paintings and even specific items such as video games, branded merchandise and movies.

On the other hand, pawn shops are great for general but higher in demand antiques such as coins, jewellery and other valuable metals.

How do I know if my antique furniture is valuable?

There are five ways to tell whether your furniture is really an antique. You can start by looking for dovetailing. It’s a sign of quality craftsmanship in woodworking and is used to hold together various parts of the same piece of furniture.

Having multiple types of solid wood is also a good thing but watch out for furniture that’s created to look old. Another way is to do an in-depth search for stamps or labels, and then shutting out symmetry.

What is an antique sideboard?

What are antique sideboards? It’s a piece of furniture that’s utilised for the purpose of serving food as well as for laying out serving dishes. A sideboard is also used as a space to store items and is commonly found in dining or living rooms. It features drawers, cupboards and cabinets for storing purposes.

What is a breakfront bookcase?

One of the antique bookcase types you’ll find today is the breakfront bookcase. Breakfront is defined as a furniture piece with a central section that opens farther forward than the other sections. It is usually a cabinet or a bookcase.

What furniture did the Victorians have?

Sometimes gilded or painted, Victorian furnishings are traditionally made using materials such as rosewood, walnut or mahogany.

One will notice that these furniture pieces usually have elaborate carvings adorning them that depict natural images such as leaves, curling vines, flowers, bows and ribbons. Some sideboards and tables were even topped with marble slabs.

Is my table antique?

Do you want to know if your table is an antique? Well, you are able to determine if you have an antique table by looking for dovetailed joints or mortise and tenon joints. Learn to recognise period styles and you will notice that every period will have its own style of furniture.

By knowing these styles, it will help you in finding out if your table is truly an antique.

What were antique chairs stuffed with?

Some of the authentic stuffing that you will see include hay and horsehair. Antique pieces of furniture were traditionally padded with a number of diverse types of organic materials. These materials vary in terms of price and quality.

How old is my Windsor chair UK?

Do you want to know how you can determine your Windsor’s chair age? Start by counting the spindles of the chair. It’s more common for older chairs to have the most spindles. You can also study the composition of the chair.

Windsor chairs had been crafted from many different kinds of wood such as birch and pine, with usually more than one type utilised in creating one chair.

How old is an antique?

Do you want to know what makes something an antique? For most antique dealers, the rule of thumb that they follow to determine if a piece of furniture is an antique is that it should be 100 years old or older.

On the other hand, if an item is old but not as old as 100 years, then it is called vintage.

How do I look after my Antique Furniture?

The main thing to do is to be careful not to loose the original patina in your antique furniture. Restore using good quality restoration waxes like the one you get at Use the wax to restore the finish sympathetically and pick a colour most suited to the shade of your wood.

Simplify Your Hunt For An Antique Chest of Drawers

Antiques Trade Gazette

Antiques Trade Gazette

The Antiques Trade Gazette recognises furniture as one of the most traditional and extensive sectors in the art and antiques market.

Stylish, practical and often surprisingly reasonably priced, antique furniture continues to be an area for both collectors and buyers who are on the hunt for items to decorate their homes.

The fact that this furniture also represents a ‘green’ option in comparison to purchasing modern flatpack pieces has helped to bring in additional interest.

In a guide shared by Antiques Trade Gazette, furniture is mentioned as being a vital part of any dealer’s earnings as well as featuring heavily in auctions up and down the country. The strength of the market varies between products which includes everything from the Yorkshire favourite Mouseman to Windsor chairs.

Interestingly, while furniture pieces from famous makers such as Gillows and Chippendale continue to command high prices, contemporary vintage pieces of furniture are beginning to hold reasonable prices as well.

Gentleman’s Journal

Gentleman's Journal

The Gentleman’s Journal shared a valuable online article that can help both collectors and those looking for one off or occasional pieces learn everything they need to know about purchasing furniture.

The Gentleman’s Journal suggests that such investments including buying these types of furniture only come once in a lifetime.

Furniture whose style and design reflects the “artistic values” of a particular era and forms a link to the past appears as testament to the artistry of craftsmen. More simply, is of better quality and able to endure the test of time.

Some tips that were mentioned in the article from the Gentleman’s Journal when purchasing furniture included, buying with your heart and eyes, and not being afraid to get hands-on when you want to investigate the authenticity of an item.

You should also consider more recent furniture pieces to be just as valuable as the vintage ones, and that it’s all in the upholstery.



One of the leading trade associations for the fine art, design and antiques community, BADA has shared a useful guide for people who are interested in knowing the proper way to care for their furniture.

The first tip is when placing a vintage dressing table in the house, never put it directly facing a heater or radiator. This can cause wood to wrap or crack.

Another tip is dusting the pieces frequently using a soft cloth. The clean, dust free surface should then be rubbed hard to encourage the oils in the wood to come to the surface and form a hard skin.  This aids in building up a good surface colour; known as patina in the trade.

Another tip from the BADA is avoiding exposing your furniture to direct sunlight as it can dry out the wood. If repair is needed, then you must always make sure that you are working with a reputable restorer.

Valuable Information To Help You Identify Antique Chairs



In 1979, a national organisation consisting of skilled people who were engaged in furniture restoration and conservation was founded. The British Antique Furniture Restorers’ Association was established to help guard the interests of buyers and owners of antique pieces of furniture as well as the antique trade.

The BAFRA strives to act as a bridge between skilled conservator-restorers’ and the people whose love and passion for antique furnishings calls for the highest standards of conservation and restoration. Visit their website for more details about this national organisation and what they do.



The HowStuffWorks team shared a valuable article that can aid people in learning the best ways to recognise antique wooden furniture.

It recommends that people who are intending to refinish old wooden furniture, check the family storeroom as this is often one of the best areas to look in. Check the basement, garage, attic, or anywhere else that unwanted furniture is being stored.

Other good sources are household auctions, garage sales and second-hand stores. It is said that one person’s junk is another person’s treasure, and that is true with the furniture as well. For those that are attracted to antiques, both recent and old, proper research is vital before any purchases are made.

There is plenty of other valuable information to help potential buyers and sellers in this article from HowStuffWorks.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

Lovers of antiques may not always know where to find the items that they want. This might mean that they go without the joy of having antiques in their homes.

However, this is not necessary.  There are plenty of places where it’s possible to shop for vintage antiques and pieces online. There are numerous local stores with an online presence that can be visited and browsed for items.

And according to House Beautiful, some of the best places to browse for antique furniture online includes Etsy, eBay, Pamono and many more.

Where Will You Find An Excellent Antique Desk

House & Garden

House & Garden

The House & Garden team collected info from their editors to come up with an article that provides details on which online shops they purchase antique and vintage furniture as well as decorative pieces from.

From independent shops and London boutiques to big marketplaces with online platforms, their favourites are gathered in the article.

Some of these independent online shops that the editors and stylists of House & Garden favour include Punch the Lock, Tat London, TradChap, and many more. While for online marketplaces, they prefer The SaleRoom, 1stDibs, Decorative Collective, and many more. Read the article for more details.



In Wikipedia, antique furniture is defined as “a collectible interior furnishing of considerable age.” Every so often, the rarity, utility, age, condition or other distinctive features make these furniture pieces attractive as collectors’ items and therefore named an antique.

These antique pieces mirror the features and style of that time when they were made, which is then called the antique’s “period” (Colonial, Tudor, Edwardian, and many others.). These furniture pieces can be made using various materials such as wood, plastic and metal.

On the other hand, cabinetry and cabinet making are phrases for the talent used in building the furniture.

Taylor’s Classics

Taylor's Classics

For Taylor’s Classics, there are benefits that can be associated with buying these antiques. They understand that it can be a challenging process determining the furniture that you need for your business.

Will it be classic antique? Or perhaps something more modern? You may be drawn to the idea of going with current contemporary trends since the term “antique” doesn’t usually have the ideal track record.

This is due to definitions in dictionaries including synonyms such as “ancient, old-fashioned and obsolete.” However, when it comes to furniture, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In an article from Taylor’s Classics, eight benefits of owning antique furniture are mentioned. These include the furniture having a tale to tell, always being in style, being environmentally-friendly and of course being cost-effective.

Which Are The Top Antique Furniture Stores In The UK Today?

Sellingantiques Ltd

Sellingantiques Ltd

One of the most exciting places where you can purchase furniture is Sellingantiques Ltd. It is recommended that interested shoppers speak to the antique dealer directly utilising the contact details shown with the item that they are looking to purchase.

Sellingantiques Ltd isn’t responsible or involved with the terms of the transaction. All of the communications related to the antique furniture Lancashire purchase should happen between the antique dealer and the buyer.

Buyers are assured that whenever an antique dealer uploads a product for display on their website, they are asked to create a formal declaration about the product’s date of manufacture. This date is displayed on each of the detail pages of antique products.

In this article from, various tips on purchasing a vintage chest of drawers are shared. Choosing an antique chest of drawers showcases your taste for a vintage or eclectic style.

It’s considered as a sound investment if you want to create a décor theme for your residence that’s geared towards a particular time or period such as the 18th century.

Additionally, this furniture type can serve as a conversation piece or add uniqueness, regardless of whether you want to use an old-style chest of drawers for living room or bedroom furniture.

One of the things to consider when purchasing such furniture is the style. You need to be knowledgeable about the various vintage styles available.

Another tip from is to carefully consider the material that is used. With multiple choices available, knowing the material used helps in determining the drawer’s overall look and feel, quality and durability.



Are you on the hunt for an excellent selection of antique chest of drawers? Well, then you have come to the right place.

eBay is one of the many online sites today where you can find anything from old-fashioned Victorian to traditional Edwardian oak. There is an abundance of drawers made from pine, walnut, beech, mahogany, oak, teak and plenty more.

If you are looking for wide, narrow or tall drawers, then make sure that you’re visiting eBay’s website. eBay has plenty of furniture that you can choose from to complement your bedroom as well as keeping all your belongings in antique style.

What Are The Best Places To Find Antiques For Sale?



Recognised as the top classifieds site in the United Kingdom, Gumtree is used by plenty of people every month to find various items such as antique chairs.

One of the items listed on their website is a vintage/antique Ercol rocking chair that is still in nice, pre-loved condition.

Another item that the website advertises is an antique French set of two hall chairs, and each comes with a high rectangle back and square section seat.

People who are looking for particular items can browse through the website and see the description for each item and other details about it.

Reindeer Antiques

Reindeer Antiques

Are you looking for a guide to help you with your purchase of an antique chair? In an article shared by Reindeer Antiques, it is stated that comfort is one thing to look at when selecting an antique chair.

Some of these chairs are far too tiny for the modern body and others can even catch you in the wrong part of the back. So before you purchase it, make sure that you already tried sitting in the chair.

The next matter to examine whether all the aspects of the chair are unbroken and original. Just like any antique item, a good patination and colour suggest that the chair is still in in good condition. On the other hand, damages are usually found at the bottom of the legs or at the joints.



Manufactured before the era of mass production, that old adage, “they just don’t make them like they used to” definitely rings true for antique furnishings, including antique chairs. Such chairs show off both timeless design and highly skilled craftsmanship.

And at Pamono, they do love their chairs! Constructing chaises, loungers, chairs and every other seat under the sun saved them from sore feet – and their ergonomic designs saved them from sore bottoms! Pamono believes that there’s no such thing as having too many chairs.

They are dedicated to offering a wide selection of antique seats from the 19th and 20th century.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Antique Writing Desk You Will Find Today?

The Desk Centre

The Desk Centre

With over 50 years of experience in the furniture trade, The Desk Centre has supplied and satisfied thousands of customers from the United Kingdom and all over the world.

One of their most popular products is antique and period desks. In addition to providing a comprehensive assortment of new desks to customers, The Desk Centre also has a huge range of Period Desks that are all fully restored to a high standard in the shop’s workshops.

Interested in finding desks made in the 1950s through to the Edwardian and Victorian Period? You can find it at The Desk Centre.

Burrells Antique Desks

Burrells Antique Desks

Burrells Antique Desks is a husband and wife team that specialises in antique writing tables, library tables, desks and desk chairs.

With well over four decades of experience, Burrells Antique Desks has many returning customers, has received plenty of positive feedback and gained a good reputation.

With their stock carefully selected for serviceability and quality, and sympathetically restored to its original beauty, it’s no wonder that they have numerous returning customers.

Some of the tips that this husband and wife team provide for customers when choosing a vintage desk include always picking a reputable antique dealer, taking your time and making sure the item is indeed authentic.

Elisabeth James Antiques

Elisabeth James Antiques

Elisabeth James Antiques has an extensive stock of antique office furniture at their warehouse, which can be found one hour north of London.

If you browse through their website, some of their items include a large Antique Partners Desk Victorian that is 6ft by 4ft inches. The desk has an interesting background as it came from the Directors office of the Great Northern Railway.

Another product they have in stock is an Antique Writing Desk Victorian Mahogany library desk that has leather inset top encased by a thumb moulded border and drawers. There are far more products that interested shoppers can browse through when they visit the website.

Antique Sideboard – What Is It And Where Can You Find One?

Antique Furniture Direct

Antique Furniture Direct

Run by Leeds based antiques dealer Rob Hartley, Antique Furniture Direct is established to provide customers with high-quality furniture pieces at competitive prices.

It is an antique furniture shop that mainly sells Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian furniture, while also including some other vintage items. With over 100 items in stock as well as new items arriving in the shop on a weekly basis, the company is able to offer distinctive pieces at irresistible prices.

A family-run business, the team loves what they do and are hoping that their level of commitment and enthusiasm shows in the products that they sell.

Kernow Furniture

Kernow Furniture

For antique, vintage and retro furnishings online, you can rely on Kernow Furniture. The company specialises in top-quality Victorian and Georgian, 19th to mid-20th century furniture.

With countless numbers of vintage product items available for sale online that can be dispatched straight from their Cornwall warehouse, Kernow Furniture is one of the best sources of furniture today.

If you are looking for anything from vintage chairs and bookcases to kitchenware and vintage china, you are sure to find something that can complement the style of your home or garden.

Visit Kernow Furniture for some of the finest and most carefully sourced pieces of furniture today.



Are you on the hunt for London’s best second-hand furniture? If you are, then you have got to read this article from STORED.

They’ve created a list detailing 30 of the most incredible second-hand furniture shops that you and your friends should be visiting this year. And just to be clear, you are wrong if you’re expecting this to be another online list of London’s random furniture stores.

Only places that are legit and where you can purchase great pre-owned furnishings are included in the list.

Now that you know where you can find the best second-hand furniture shops in London, you may want to try and check them.

Antique Bookcase – Is Adding One To Your Home A Good Decision?



Offering collectibles, vintage and antiques in the UK, AntiqueForSale is recognised as a remarkable resource for antique shoppers and trade buyers.

If you need answers to your question such as “what is an antique” or are looking for a beautiful piece of furniture for a client, you can find everything you need at AntiqueForSale.

Browse through their website and you will find a huge array of antique clocks, silver, furniture, paintings and collectibles. No matter whether it’s Arts & Crafts or Art Deco, French Country or English Georgian, you will be presented with numerous choices and comparison tools, making it easy to search for what you need.

Dollies Emporium

Dollies Emporium

Are you looking for antique furniture for sale? Then you are welcome to visit the online store of Dollies Emporium.

Driven by their passion and dedication in searching for antiques, as well as quirky and unusual collectables throughout the ages, Dollies Emporium purchases from auction houses and individuals.

They then sell on to their customers and loyal clients throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide. Dollies Emporium strives to give 100% customer satisfaction and is committed to creating an honest and reliable relationship with all its customers.

All of the items for sale are realistically priced, and the condition of each piece is clearly stated by Dollies Emporium.

the saleroom

the saleroom

At the saleroom, you can find unique items that are sold by expert auctioneers. Some of the popular product categories you’ll find on their website are decorative art, vintage fashion, collectables, furniture and many more. Want to know how you can use their website?

First is checking out the items on their site. From the comfort of your vintage sofa, you will find some of the most amazing and unique items in the world. And who knows, you may discover that perfect item waiting for you.

Next is to bid when you’ve found something that you like. Inform them of the maximum price you want to pay for the item, and they’ll do the bidding for you. And third is winning the bidding and getting your hands on the item you have purchased

Victorian Furniture – How Can You Correctly Identify Such Pieces Of Furniture?



Are you feeling studious? Are you inspired to redecorating your office? If you are, then you should take a look at the huge selection of antique writing desk and writing tables sourced for you by the members of LAPADA.

No matter what your taste is, if it’s parquetry, marquetry, mahogany, or satinwood, you will find a variety of antique roll-top desks, trumeau, secretaries, bureau, and keyhole desks. These are all made by expert craftsmen in the 18th and 19th century France, England and Europe.

With members who are respected by their peers and experts in their field, LAPADA is confident that you can purchase items that are of high quality and are authentic.



Are you looking for writing desks? At Preloved, you will find plenty of writing desks under the antique, hobbyists and period furniture category.

One product you will find on the website is an Antique Hardwood Portable Writing desk that opens to show a sloping writing surface. It has pen storage, inkwell, etc. at the top and a full-width lockable drawer to one side.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a beautiful Bevan Funnell leather top writing desk and chair, then Preloved has it. A quality piece of furniture, the whole desk and chair as well as the leather writing top is in good condition.

For more product details, you can visit Preloved’s website.

The Spruce Crafts

The Spruce Crafts

Knowing your antique desk styles is important, according to The Spruce Crafts. In an article shared by the company, it states that there are various types of desks that have been produced over the years.

Most of these desks do not resemble the modern-day home and office desks that you are accustomed to using. A number of these styles are actually revived repeatedly, and still inspire reproductions.

A popular antique desk style developed in France is the Bureau Mazarin. The name means “Mazarin’s desk” is a 19th-century term and refers to the Louis’ regent, Cardinal Jules Mazarin, who ruled from 1642 to 1661.

Another style is the Butler’s desk, usually referenced as a butler’s chest. It is compact and short but substantial and square in shape.

For information on other desk styles read this article from The Spruce Crafts.

Antique Table Providers – What You Need To Know



Are you looking for a marketplace and classifieds platform that can bring millions of sellers and private buyers across the United Kingdom together? Shpock have created a list of the most active locations for second-hand shopping, and these are Brighton, Bristol, Leicester, London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester.

You can purchase and sell beautiful, used, new and antique furniture online Lancashire in numerous categories, ranging from fashion, electronics, items for babies and children, and home & garden furniture to specialised preferences such as property and cars.

At Shpock, you will find products such as “antique sideboard dresser” for sale in their Home & Garden category.



Empowering small businesses, Amazon is where you can find countless products under different categories. If you are looking for an antique sideboard, then Amazon has prepared a list of their top selected products and reviews.

One of the products they feature is the Vladon Sideboard Chest of Drawers Massa in Antique Steel. With lovely colour and design, one of the customers who bought it said that it’s very interesting compared to most of the ‘ordinary’ sideboards you’ll see.

Another item that is featured is the Corona Grey 3 Door Sideboard Waxed Pine Mexican. One customer commented that the drawers and doors fitted without that much realignment.



A sideboard is something that we would traditionally find in the dining room, where servants would get ready and prepare things for the mealtimes.

But today, sideboards are utilised for storing a number of objects and can even be used in numerous rooms. Plenty of people keep these things for display purposes in the living room, or for functional factors, they keep it in the kitchen.

And obviously, many are still found and used in various dining rooms worldwide.

A vintage sideboard can be just that. They can be very traditional and actual antiques, or they can look like an antique but actually be new and created using present-day techniques.

In an article shared by homify, they have carefully selected some of their favourite pieces.

Is It A Sound Investment To Purchase Antique Dining Chairs?



According to ARCADIA ANTIQUES LTD, bookcases are considered one of the most underused and neglected pieces of furniture in houses today.

It has lost its charm and importance as only a few people resort to reading, and bookcases do not appeal to them anymore. However, the use of bookcases goes beyond just displaying books.

It can be a solution for individuals searching for furniture pieces other than the usual chairs, tables and chests, for the purpose of adding a bit of vintage character to their homes.

If you are interested in purchasing an antique bookcase or other pieces, then you should take a look at their collection.

With a vast assortment of antiques and made to order bookcases, you are sure to find what you’re looking for at ARCADIA ANTIQUES LTD.

Thakeham Furniture

Thakeham Furniture

Are you looking for an antique bookcase? If you are, then you have come to the right place.

Thakeham Furniture, a small, family business run by Tim and Belinda Chavasse since 1987 has one excellent quality William IV open bookcase/buffet on their stock.

Its top tier is supported with reeded scrolled ends, over the adjustable open shelving bordered by lappet carved columns. This versatile and eye-catching piece has quality brass castors and will look fabulous when you fill it with books, china or something else.

Any interested shoppers will find valuable product information on site as well as other products on their list.



It is typical for people who like books to want to have a good and elegant place to keep them. That is why Foter prepared a collection that provides everyone with the opportunity to get to know various types of bookcases in antique style and design.

Foter wants to know which style is your favourite.  One of the furniture pieces that is included in their collection is a beautiful retro-style Black Curio Cabinet. It is defined as a real work of art that is made of fine painted and natural wood.

Are You On The Hunt For The Perfect Antique Armchair?

The Victorian Emporium

The Victorian Emporium

Are you interested in buying Victorian furniture? If you are then this article from The Victorian Emporium will be useful to you.

One of the first things you need to do when considering Victorian furniture is take measurements of the area where you want to place the furniture. You also need to measure the pieces that you’re considering purchasing.

When you visit auction rooms and shops, most of them have large rooms with high ceilings. And what may seem like a normal-sized furniture piece in this type of environment can look huge when you put it in your bedroom or bathroom.

More tips and valuable details are present in the article from The Victorian Emporium.



Are you looking for useful tips that can help you in identifying Victorian furniture? Then you have come to the right place.

Considering that there are a variety of styles of antique furniture available, it can be difficult for inexperienced eyes to recognise a certain period or design.

This article from Lots2Like is useful for those looking for simple tips, and even tricks on how they can tell if they have a piece from the Victorian era (1837-1901).

This includes information on what they should be looking for when it comes to spotting common furniture features.

The Antique Shop of Sutton Bridge

The Antique Shop of Sutton Bridge

Are you on the hunt for Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian furniture?

The Antique Shop maintains a huge stock of walnut, oak and mahogany antique dining tables, chairs, cabinets, sideboards, desk, bookcases, barometers, ceramics, glasses and more, in all an Aladdin’s cave of amazing things.

When you visit The Antique Shop, what awaits you is a warm welcome as you browse through their available antique furniture Clitheroe pieces.

The shop is located in Sutton Bridge, a small village in South Lincolnshire and is situated at the junction of three counties – Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. It is 3 miles from the Wash.

Antique Side Table – Different Styles That You Will Find Today

Antique Tables and Country Furniture

Antique Tables and Country Furniture

Antique Tables and Country Furniture are a major provider of fine French antique farmhouse tables and numerous other types of antique accessories and furniture in the UK.

Every item that the company sells is unique and was created by the craftsmen from bygone times.

Located in the beautiful West Sussex, they offer their private and trade clients from Europe, Great Britain and worldwide an unparalleled, eclectic selection of original, genuine antique furnishings.

If you are looking for wooden furniture that extends to refectory tables, dining tables, benches, and more, then Antique Tables and Country Furniture is who you’re looking for.



One of the furniture pieces that Scaramanga is offering to antique shoppers is a compact ornate wooden antique table that reflects its Victorian appeal. It will perfectly complement your stylish home.

You could use it as a dining table and put it in a small dining area, or it could be used as a simple but classic-looking hall table in your home.

You can picture your chessboard or displayed ornaments on this lovely antique table. It may be an old item with a lightly distressed surface finish, but the multiple scuffs you see adds a rustic character to this table.



According to Lantiques, antique French farmhouse tables, sometimes referred to as French farm tables, have been a popular focus point in numerous homes for many years.

Its simple but understated appeal blends well with the contemporary décor and design. It generates that kind of warmth that is only present in antiques, something that you can’t always feel in modern interiors.

If you are looking for trendy, elegant but practical décor, then French tables can be a crucial component in designing the perfect kitchen or dining room for your home.

There are more details shared by the Lantiques team that can be found on their website about these tables, so check it out today.

Oak Furniture Superstore

Oak Furniture Superstore

Are you interested in getting yourself a Chateau 225cm black leg dining table with Marcel Antique dining chairs for your dining room?

This dining table from Oak Furniture Superstore brings style to every occasion – thanks to its striking contemporary design. This dining table can accommodate up to 8 individuals, and the large oak and metal table is crafted with care using quality materials, which makes it a stunning centrepiece.

Alongside the table are Marcel Antique Chairs. These chairs will be perfect as seating, and interested customers can even choose from two colours – brown or grey. Numerous details about the item and other products that are available can be found on their website.

Homes and Antiques

Homes and Antiques

In this blog article shared by Homes and Antiques, you will find out why it’s a sound investment to purchase antique and early 20th-century dining sets.

Nowadays, whenever dining chairs are mentioned, it conjures images of pleasant evenings surrounded by friends around a dining table. However, it wasn’t always the case.

Chairs began life as signs or symbols of authority. With designs that are connected to church architecture and generally made from walnut or oak, it is said that the earliest examples were intended only for the most notable diners.

Even when sets have become the norm starting from the 17th century, the individual’s status was still upheld by chair design.



At Brownrigg, you will find an incredible assortment of antique dining chairs in a number of diverse designs and from a range of eras. If you are searching for furniture options to mix and match, they also have a nice variety of furniture pieces that are available to you.

As you can see on their website, their assortment of chairs includes antique dining chairs, French Fauteuil and Italian painted gilded chairs, upholstered stools and benches, and many more.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for elegant sets of dining chairs to fit the classic or contemporary settings or colourful stackable chairs for the contemporary settings, then there’s plenty of cheap antique furniture for sale waiting for you to pick from at Brownrigg.

Home Barn Vintage

Home Barn Vintage

Home Barn Vintage is offering numerous product items for shoppers interested in getting their hands on antique armchairs and more.

One of the products they feature is an Antique Armchair with linen stripe seat. The chair is described as dating back to the late 1800s or early 1900s. They recovered the seat using a vintage linen grain sack, while the back upholstery has been removed to show off the fabulously chic timber construction.

With a modern rustic look, this chair will look trendy in a modern home or a county house. This great-sized chair is perfect for placing in the bathroom, study, living room or bedroom.

Check out their ranges of seating by visiting the company’s website and social media accounts.

The French Depot

The French Depot

At The French Depot, plenty of new furniture and effects stock come in and is stored in their 8000 sq. ft. warehouse.

Their warehouse is really worth visiting, but the team recommends making a call first before you visit. You can follow The French Depot’s Instagram account as they always have excellent stock on its way, and it is always displayed there first.

Having one of the largest selections of Antique French beds and more in the country, check out their website as often as possible to view their current and new product items. One of the items they have featured is this Stripped French Antique Armchair – nw201.

It is just in, so they are still preparing the details for it, but you can already request a delivery price.



According to LiveAuctioneers, the very first chairs date back to six or seven centuries B.C. The simple chair carried on evolving in terms of the craftsmanship and design.

Due to their style and functionality, it is one of the most common pieces of furniture you’ll see used by people in homes and offices.

If you are searching for a chair to use for a vanity or you just want to fill that bare corner, then you will find diverse product selection on their website.

Are you looking for mid-century chairs? How about some vintage pieces and modern leather armchairs? At LiveAuctioneers, you will easily find what you’re looking for.

The Range

The Range

Are you on the hunt for a silver side table? The Range has the perfect item.

The item is perfect for displaying a vase or holding drinks. With its classy and ornate design, it will suit an array of modern or vintage styles.

With a circular plate fixed atop the ornate stem, it will be a great addition to your home. It can also bring an aura of style in your home.

Place drinks on its silver platter or put in a lovely vase and your guests are going to be suitably pleased.

London Fine Antiques

London Fine Antiques

Shipping directly to the United Kingdom and internationally every week, buyers will find various product items on the website of London Fine Antiques.

In fact, one of the items they have featured on their site is an Antique Side Table, Georgian Oak c.1800. Listed as stock number 10.1511, this eye-catching antique side table dates back to the late Georgian period c.1800.

The item is described as having appealing hues as well as an aged patina with a cross carved on the wooden cartouche to each side, and it has turned, tapered legs. It will be delivered polished, waxed and all ready to display and use in your home.

Mayfair Gallery

Mayfair Gallery

Carrying a substantial and wide-ranging collection of unique pieces that are for sale, Mayfair Gallery features one stunning Transitional Type Ormolu and Marquetry antique side table.

This sophisticated-looking table was crafted in France in the 19th century and has four drawers as well as a pull-out writing shelf. The writing shelf is tucked away behind the stunning marquetry panels while its four feet were crafted in ormolu.

This was to create stylised hoofs with the floral shins. Supporting the table top is the rectangular body that’s adorned with marquetry panels.

Mayfair Gallery shares more details about this product on their website.

Are you still debating whether you should buy that antique piece of furniture that you had your eye on days ago? Are you still wondering what that stunning antique chair would look like in your bedroom?

Whatever your reasons may be for purchasing antique furniture, one thing is for certain, and that is it is a sound investment. If you are still having second-thoughts, then that’s fine.

With shops offering fine furniture pieces, you can take your time browsing through each item, checking their prices and conditions, doing your research and making comparisons before making that purchase.