Tips On Decorating With Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture

One of the most creative ways to beautify a bland living space is adding antique furniture into it. However, placing such antiquities in random places can either make or break your interior design. With that said, it’s helpful to create a proper interior design plan first. Some people like to use a particular style in theming their homes, such as Mid-Century Modern, French Country, and much more. You can stick to a specific style, or if you want, combine two or more for a unique look.Once you know what you’re trying to achieve, it’s time to choose the antiques to set up on your space. No matter how pretty an antique is, you should still look at its quality first. If you are to use them every day like chairs and tables, they should be durable enough to last for many more years. Old pieces that are not in excellent condition should not even be considered. To ensure the antique furniture you’re buying is durable, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind.

First, test its weight. If a piece is heavy enough, it means that it was made from natural materials and will last for a long time. Second, pay attention to the joints. They should feel secure, but if they feel shaky, look for any loose nails and see if it can be fixed. However, if the problem is because of wood rot, you might want to move on and search for another furniture. Lastly, look for rust or discolouration. Antiques with too much rust may be hard to restore, but if the colour is just a little faded, you can still save it and use for your home.After you have chosen the antiques for your project, you can now start with the actual redecoration. For this, proportion and balance are important. It is also essential to consider the shape, texture, style, and colour of the antique items. Plus, you can also let your creativity run wild by combining antiques and modern furniture together. Doing so adds depth and contrast to the room, transforming it into a work of art that guests are sure to appreciate.

Going retro is an exciting choice if you are to set up antique furniture in your space. Use these items’ time-worn appearance to your advantage and give your living space a vintage vibe. You can hung classic art on the walls, use retro floor lamps, or even old centrepieces on tables to create the whole look. And for the finishing touch, add some vintage soft furnishings like throw pillows with classic patterns and flower prints.

Antique Furniture

If retro is not your style, you can also go for a rustic vintage vibe. The rustic style looks simple yet stylish, and it can be easily created using antique furniture pieces and some modern items too. This kind of style will turn out much better with the use of rustic shelving, distressed paint job, and monochromatic photos that remind you of the countryside like cowboys and wide fields.There are many other styles out there that are worth using, so be sure to search for ideas and inspiration online that will suit your preferences.